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  1. Just tried with beta 8, and no problems here: If there's no submitted flight plan this option is greyed out (logical since the program doesn't know the departure or arrival airport).
  2. Hi @Ross Carlson, I noticed in the beta 4 it's no longer possible to change the map fonts for staffed & unstaffed ATC. You can open the font selection window, but after clicking on "apply" nothing happens.
  3. Hi Maius, thanks for your feedback. 🙂 Is it also possible to add missing aircraft types (e. g. the Robin DR400) ?
  4. I sent a mail to the address stated on the data project hub. Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂
  5. Hi, don't know if this is the right place to report, but I found that LOVV (Wien Radar) is displayed with an incorrect callsign, "Wien Radar Radar" instead of "Wien Radar" (see attached screenshot).
  6. @Johnathan Guif Unfortunately your screenshot is not displayed correctly (at least for me)... maybe you can double-check or upload it here in the forum? 🙂
  7. The "double flight plan" phenomenon also occurs if nothing gets edited by ATC.
  8. Sunrise over southern France, enroute from Troyes to St Etienne.
  9. Please feel free to post your screenshots, taken while on duty on the network... 🙂
  10. Happens nearly everytime I file a flight plan, and I'm not sure this is anyway related to xPilot itself. I even had occasions where the flight plan was listed trice...
  11. In order to avoid such an unwanted "hot mic" situation I looked at ways to create a visual "notification" (e. g. a small green rectangle) while transmitting on COM via LUA, but gave up since I couldn't find a reasonable dataref to fetch.
  12. Hi, is there a way to request new data to be added to the SimAware (https://map.vatsim.net/) database, specifically airports and aircraft types... ? And if so, what data specifications (syntax, "proof of evidence" etc) need to be met?
  13. Hi, right now, you cannot use dot commands (.wx, .chat etc) in the text message panel within X-Plane. My question here: is it (technically) possible to add support for dot commands in that panel, without the need to call up the X-Pilot main interface?
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