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  1. Are there any news/updates regarding FIR sub-sectorisation? (just curious 😁)
  2. If you want to know for sure which language(s) is/are used IRL... have a look at the respective AIP. Specifically referring to France it says: and
  3. Dunno who must do the "first step" regarding full implementation of the ICAO flight plan format (specifically metric values) then, VATSIM or the pilot client developers.
  4. To my knowledge both vPilot and xPilot don't have implemented the ICAO flight plan format, yet. An (interim) "workaround" is to pre-file a flight plan via https://my.vatsim.net/.
  5. I don't have ServInfo on my PC, but if it retrieves its weather information from the NOAA then there might be the glitch. There have been some recent problems with the NOAA servers.
  6. MSFS2020, from my knowledge (might be incomplete, please correct if necessary), isn't able to handle the spacing, either (still "old" FSX based SimConnect). XPlane 11, however, can do. That's a "crucial" point when it comes to 8.33 kHz spacing on the network. Wondering how they manage that on the "other" network...
  7. Hi, not of that importance, however wondering where to find the minutes for the BoG meeting on January 16, 2021 (Q4 2020) ? Nothing in here, yet.
  8. SSC is the IATA code for the Concorde. You need the ICAO type code which would be CONC.
  9. The fact nobody else was reporting an issue maybe simply means they retrieved the ATIS via text? However, it's nothing we (as users) can do much about right now I'm afraid.
  10. This is most probably a VATSIM-side issue as it affects all types of simulators & pilot clients.
  11. @Mike KaminskiYour above linked list doesn't seem to be up-to-date to me. It misses registration marks that were introduced in the last years (like Jersey/ZJ, Guernsey/2 or Isle of Man/M), and also "simplifies" the way how they're allocated in the different countries. I suggest this one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_registration_prefixes
  12. Hectopascal (hPa) is the standard altimeter setting for Europe, exempt very few U.S. military installations (like Ramstein/ETAR or Spangdahlem/ETAD) which report air pressure in InHg.
  13. Hi, whenever submitting a message via the text console (in X-Plane) it won't appear on the notification panel. It does appear in the external main app, and also all other types of messages work normally (ATC, broadcast etc). Using version 1.3.38.
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