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  1. Thank you for creating a wonderful environment and adding to the immersion!
  2. Firstly, I just want to say thanks to the controllers at EGKK and EGPF for the help tonight. Looking back at my very first flight on Vatsim I probably picked the wrong evening to do it with lots of traffic at Gatwick and bad weather. I hope I didn't annoy any of the controllers! So, some advice I received before I committed to doing my first flight was to know your aircraft, this is true as it came in handy when I had to change the departure SID. It's also good to contact controllers if you have a problem - the taxi routing I was given didn't make any sense because the scenery lay
  3. Hi all, I'm new to Vatsim, created my account this afternoon. When I view the Dashboard (https://cert.vatsim.net/sso/home/dashboard/) I can see a section called "pilot ratings". In there it says "You currently have no pilot rating. Read more about VATSIM pilot ratings here.". I click on the link which goes to https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/ptd/ and that gives me "page not found". Please fix! thanks.
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