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  1. Hi everyone! Since i started vatsim with x-pilot, i have a problem with voice server. Every 12 seconds, i´ve disconnect... I don´t know why but i already checked everything with my internet, firewall, antivirus etc... This is so desappointed. If anyone could help me, i´ll be grateful.
  2. Hi Eduard, i have the same problem but with x-pilot. Every 12seconds, i´ve disconnect from the voice server.
  3. Hi, i have the same issue... i don´t know what to do!
  4. -Disconnect Time: 16:08z -How Often your disconnects are: every 12 seconds -What error the client showed on disconnect: Lost connection to voice server -Callsign: TAM9454 -Client Version: X-pilot 1.3.27 -Internet Speed:150mb -Internet Provider or rough real world location: Curitiba, Brazil. -A link to a zipfile of the debug.txt file if it exists as well as the Log folder within your client:
  5. Hi guys! So, i´m new at Vatsim and today i´m flying with the same issue. I just don´t know what to do...my IP starting with 192.xxx and everthing looks "perfect". I can´t hear and speak with anyone. Need some help, please!
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