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  1. Thanks Frank. I did see and I'm downloading it now. As you say, it is only a workaround and I was curious what the final plan of action was likely to be.
  2. Hi All, Appreciate the engaging debate of the issue I reported. Apologies if missed it, but what is the final course of action here to bring everything in line? Regards,
  3. I should make clear from my original post, in MSFS I could not communicate with the controller until I manually tuned by adjusting to .xx5 from .xx0 on all occasions.
  4. The API which supplies frequency data to 3rd party tool sets like aivlasoft EFB appears to have an issue with the third figure behind the decimal separator. I have performed several flights and found that on frequencies where the 3rd digit after the decimal is a 5, it is incorrectly represented as a 0. Talking to the supplier of the EFB software, they dug into the data and they are showing in their software the exact frequency the VATSIM API is giving them. Screenshots below detail differences between vPilot and EFB and finally the JSON data supplied by the API with the EFB is usin
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