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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, I've attempted on numerous occasions to get help from above, but it appears I've exhausted those options. I am not being disrespectful to the region, it's down to the fact that the time that I get any free time in my household, there be no point logging into the VATME region, I am looking to move to a region in Canada or USA East Coast, as i prefer to actually control and not just stare at a blank radar!
  2. Hi all, I Joined VATME, at a time when it was looking for volunteers and it was easy to swap Regions. I have taken a significant break from VATSIM and when I returned, the rules now require me to have 50 hours at STU2 to change regions. I am looking for advice at which of the smaller airports I could log into, to allow me to gain the hours that are required for me to swap Regions, as I have zero interest in the VATME region, I am disappointed that changing Regions has proved so difficult for what is essentially a hobby and I am unable to create an alternative account, nor do I
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