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  1. Thanks Tim, I have downloaded an app for this. See you in HK sky
  2. I am new to VRC, I would like to know is there any function shows airline full sign like in euroscope (icao_airlines.txt), such as: When I click PXT1312, will show Pack Coast CRK322, Bauhinia etc. I think this function is great for new or visiting controller.
  3. I would like to get some badges or medals after completing a trip or event or special tour. What do you think? For this part, I vote for IVAO. But I like to be an ATC in VATSIM~
  4. Carl Yip

    squawk 9999

    Thanks, all, I'll try it out later. Thanks for the help
  5. Carl Yip

    squawk 9999

    Hi, i am using xp11 and xpilot, and FF a320 model.after I received squawk from ATC, e.g. 5301, I set my transponder to 5301, but ATCs told me that 9999 was shown on their radar.how can I fix this? Thank you
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