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  1. The issue I had was an inherent problem with some Wine 4x versions as documented here. To resolve it, I upgraded to Wine 5 with this help. Thanks for all the support.
  2. These are some more details pertaining to my issue with running EuroScope on Debian 10. 1. This is the Program Files directory listing of EuroScope after the installation on Wine 7za.exe EuroScopePlugInDll.dll Sounds CacheXDll.dll HoldingListPlugin.dll system.reg dosdevices mfc100.dll tmp drive_c msvcp100.dll ts3client_win32.dll 'EuroScope - EULA.doc' msvcr100.dll ts3server_win32.dll EuroScope.exe Occ.dll
  3. I am able to install Euroscope using Wine on Debian 10 but unable to run "Euroscope.exe" as it posts errors like 1. mfc100.dll for CacheXDll.dll and Euroscope.exe not found 2. CacheXDll.dll for Euroscope.exe not found Any way out?
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