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  1. Yeah I know, I already use it. Sadly, I don't think it really changes the MCDU, it's more about the buttons etc. Many Systems like the Autopilot are still pretty broken. My question about the direct is answered tho, thanks again y'all 🙂
  2. Hey guys, Is there a way to cancel a direct to a waypoint via the mcdu in the Airbus A320? My sim is MSFS2020. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, I'm a complete beginner in the flightsim commmunity, and just bought FS2020. I don't even know if this is the right place to ask, but I'm here I am so... When I am pushed back and get taxi clearence, how do I know where my assigne taxiways are? Sorry if this question is stupid, I just don't get it... Thanks in advance, Arvid.
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