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  1. I take it that you changed your password to the new one in the reactivation email?
  2. \o/\o/\o/ Good job. I got in on UK1, so it may be that your details have yet to be copied onto that one. It probably makes very little difference, unless one is for the South of the UK and, until Boris levels us up, a very slow one in the North, 🙂
  3. The Reactivation process does send another password, so make sure you use that one or the latest one if you've requested another. Copy/Paste seems to work, so long as you are careful to only select the visible chars. Double click does the job, and check the number of asterisks matches the number of chars in the password. Good luck
  4. I've managed to get in, so all's good. Thanks again
  5. Thank you all very much for the help. I've done that and will check later today, when I get on my sim PC. Can I ask though and I've possibly missed something in the basics guides, as I got an email, with CID and Password, last Saturday, when I joined for the first time. Was that not confirmation that my account had been activated and if not will my account be deactivated every 4-5 days if I don't connect? Thanks again
  6. I have also followed those steps, without any success. My user ID is correct in the vPilot settings, without any trailing or leading spaces, and password has the correct number of characters, after copy/pasting the same details that got me into my account. Can this message also mean that the server is full or unavailable?
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