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  1. Youtube. Search for "vatsim" and you will find a lot of full length flights and tutorials. I listend to a lot of those and then researched what the pilot and atc where saying. Also: I know it does not seem like it at first, but everyone on VATSIM makes mistakes. Pilots and ATC, but we are all here for fun. So don't worry about it. Be polite, do your best and worst case scenario you disconnect.
  2. I fly a lot with the A320 and it's really good if you use the free A320NX mod. It just breaks regularly with every update to FS2020
  3. Survived my first IFR flight today in a Beechcraft Bonanza, EGPH to EGNT. I knew the airports from previous VFR flights and I knew that EGNT Approach is super friendly to beginners like me. However, my flight plan was incorrect (EGPH-SAB-NPT-EGNT) and EGPH ground provided me with an alternate (EGPH-TLA-NATEB-EGNT). I was not sure if I could fly the SID correctly, but ATC encouraged me to fly it. I really wanted to give up, but I took 10 minutes to prepare and then requested to taxi. And although I was super nervous once more, in the end it all worked out. Just nearly crashed because of fiddeli
  4. I completed my 3rd VATSIM flight today. For my very first I tried to do a few touch and go patterns at Bristol (UK). I was so nervous it took me 10 minutes to actually start talking. But then there was no way back. So I completed my circuits, nearly crashing into the ground on the downwind, saying mit callsign incorrectly 5 out of 10 times, but I made it. I honestly thought, that I would never use VATSIM again, ever. But...I was hooked. So I decided to do a VFR flight from Edinburg to Manchester. And I did better. Still a lot of insecurity but at the end it everyone was very supportive an
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