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  1. Wasnt that issue at all. It was that I had the AI co-pilot checked to manage radio comms. cant believe I couldnt work that out as I always turn that off becuase CP ends up requesting a pushback. First time didnt do it and thought it was a vpilot issue. Sorry to bother everyone with this post but i was stumped all night. Cheers.
  2. Ok thanks ive gone back to the dev update and will give that a try.
  3. Hi all. Sorry im trying to find a solution here of this but unable to. Situation tonight flying A320NX latest stable version with MSFS and using vpilot 2.8.1 version for flight out of NZWN to NZAA. I was able to speak to control to request push and start after given clearance but once pushed back my radio would automtaicly flick over to 118.8 (not part of control system at NZAA) and every time id change ot back it would defualt over to it. No matter what frequency I changed to it would automatically default to this frequency making it unusable. I havent done anything differently at all.
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