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  1. It definitely happened over a few evenings, but as of tonight it works just fine. I guess disregard!
  2. No, sorry, I haven't ever used P3D, I've only used vPilot plus MSFS. But whetever ATIS is listed in the vPilot frequencies list and I tune into it, I hear the automated ATIS voice through Vatsim. However when I tune in to KATL ATIS on 125.550, even though it shows that it is "manned", I don't ever hear a voice.
  3. It looks like it is indeed a problem with MSFS, I was able to verify with SPAD.next. I have submitted a bug: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/46866
  4. May be an issue with MSFS2020 but in my plane (basic C172) I am able to listen to two radios simultaneously, however that doesn't carry over to the vPilot side. On vPilot it only lets me listen to my active transmit radio as set on the simulator side.
  5. That was perfect, thank you "other" Kirk! I didn't understand how to navigate through the documentation.
  6. James that video was great, but I should have specified US VFR. I'll be coming back to that video in the future for IFR 🙂 Kirk I dug through all of the docs under the VFR section and I can't find what I'm looking for. There is a great section on Flight Following for VFR and I'm looking for exactly that for departures and arrivals.
  7. Kirk Bauer


    vPilot on MSFS2020. I do fine with ATIS normally but for some reason I can never hear anything for KATL on 125.550.
  8. I'm just starting real-world flight training and so far VATSIM has been super helpful. Although even with the basic VATSIM training and real-world ground school I'm still a bit unsure of myself on radio communications. I can usually effectively communicate, but I worry that (especially on VATSIM) people are being lenient on me and I'm not saying things exactly right. I'd love a quick list of examples of what you should say in certain situations. For example I know I'm close on these but not quite right: Ground, Cessna XYZ located in general aviation parking, requesting taxi for VFR d
  9. Is there a way to make sure the "other traffic" in vatsim is the same "other traffic" I see in MSFS2020? In other words, can I sync my local live traffic with the vatsim traffic?
  10. Thank you! I'm new to Vatsim and I must have changed that before and obviously didn't know what was in there, thank you!
  11. I keep getting disconnected with this error: [01:10:57] Failed to create aircraft N508DB using default model "C172". You must set a valid default model or you will keep getting this error! Disconnecting from network. The problem is I have no idea what to enter into the Default Model field because I can't figure out what models are available in MSFS2020. The settings screen (where you can re-scan for models) finds 34 models, but I don't know what any of those models are called, so I can't figure out what to type in the Default Model input box.
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