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  1. Im new to Vatsim, just got MSFS 2020 like many, and have a question about my approach to Gatwick from my flight last night. Below are the charts for the approach, and how the FMC on the A320 in MSFS interprets that: Clearly MSFS doesnt have it correct, and I cant seem to alter the waypoints in the FMC, so I guess I have to navigate manually. But will the ATC expect me to do the 360 loop back to transition from STAR to approach, or will they normally expect me to go direct to MAY where the 2 first intersect, which is how I was directed in last night - I just want to know fo
  2. So this solution works and allows me to switch frequencies on vpilot as required. It doesn't change the settings in the aircraft, but I can live with that for now - Im guessing fixing the radio tuning in the A320 is well down on the priorities for MSFS developers at the moment - more importantly the FPS issue is being fixed in next weeks patch.
  3. Just seen the thread regarding a similar issue with a TBM930 in MSFS2020, will try the suggested fix mentioned there later.
  4. I am having an issue with the A320 comms in MSFS 2020 where I cant select all frequencies. For some reason it skips over xxx.x20, xxx.x45, xxx.x70 and xxx.x95. This creates a problem when using vatsim / vpilot as I cant switch to the correct frequency. Am I missing something obvious, or is there a way to switch frequency directly in vpilot?
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