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  1. The 403 indeed suggested that, I just was not sure what exactly was not authorised since I did see people and no voice. That said, I did a password reset and copy/pasted it and now it seems to work..... going to do my first steps RT....
  2. I have this issue and I have this in my log: XSB-AFV-Native: Wed Sep 2 18:03:22 2020: APISession: got error from API server: Response Code 403 XSB-AFV-Native: Wed Sep 2 18:03:22 2020: afv_native::Client: Got error from AFV API Server. Disconnecting session XSB-Console: Encountered an error talking to the voice server (0x7ffeece95fc0). Disabling Voice. Although I am not always get the weird characters. I am on 10.41 with 2.1 of xsquawkbox
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