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  1. Hi Nelis and cheers for the info. I firmly believe that ACCWAF should encompass all countries in the West Africa region as that would be a holist way to grow the region. I too am surprised at the lack of ACCWAF members on the Discord and accordingly, my request for S1 training has not been responded too by anyone from the region (I did get a response from someone at SAF) though. I remain hopeful that as VATSAF continues to push we will eventually get a strong working division in West Africa to support both pilots and controllers. Cheers
  2. Thigs are looking up! We have a new VP. Congratulations Simon.
  3. Hello Kwasi, Congratulations on your appointment and hopefully with the restructuring of VATSAF your email woes will be no more. I am trying to understand that if there is a vACCWAF then how come it does not cover and be the organisation for all of West Africa instead of seemingly mainly Nigeria and Ghana where I see your pilots and controllers are more active? The vACCWAF site lists a number of countries but not all of West Africa? As I said above, I can't quite understand why there are apparently vACC's in Senegal, Cape Verde & Niger when we have a vACCWAF? I think it would se
  4. Hi, I am actually suprised to hear that VACCWAF is so well structured as I have tried to contact the divison via email etc for info on joining for the purpose of ATC training etc but never received any response. My VA (Liberty Virtual) is small but extremely active online flying all over West Africa but I don't recall being approached by VACCWAF for their events etc. In fact, just last week I sent a mail to your official address to invite your pilots and ATC to our event tomorrow but again no response. I also wondered why I never see any ATC from your division outside of Nigerian airspace
  5. Don't think so. I also brought up the issue with Warren of there being 4 vACC's in this region (Cape Verde, Niger, Senegal & Vaccwa. Make no sense as none if them are seemingly active and we need just one, well structured and active vACC here. I'm told that it's being looked at though in then wake of the VATSAF issue.
  6. Join the pilots of Liberty Virtual Airlines as we welcome our newest hub, Banjul International Airport (GBYD) with a fly in from our main hub in Monrovia, Liberia (GLRB). Banjul International airport is located 23 km from Banjul (capital) at Yundum & it is the Gambia's only airport. It used to be one of the emergency landing sites for the NASA shuttle. The airport was originally a World War II Allied airfield which served as a port of call for Allied naval convoys and an air stopover for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Its runway of 3600 meters allows the landing of long-haul flights from aro
  7. Good morning, I have just seen a post in a WhatsApp group saying that VATSAF have resolved their issues with VATGOV and that current members will be continuing. It also mentions that "the new ACCWAF members will have access to the new discord server and this will be done via official invite, once we are happy everything is done." What is ACCWAF? Is that a VAC for West Africa? I even see ACCWAF advertising an event. While this sounds like a positive development for VATSIM members in Africa, I still have concerns regarding the support from VATSAF (for example, my ticket I opened with
  8. Thanks Andreas! Worked perfectly. Wait, is that you from Swift Discord?
  9. Hi, What is the process for adding new airports in the Vatsim database? There are at least 2 airports pilots in West Africa fly to (GOBD & GQNO) that don't show up on Vatspy. I know they are not in P3d but was wondering what criteria is used before new airports get added to Vatsim? Cheers Mark Tunkara (GBYD) www.airliberiava.com
  10. Hi Chriss & Jackson and thanks for your valuable insight into this affair, It does seem as if that the divsions in our region have been plagued by a certain amount of mismanagement and disorder which is unfortunate for all of us as if one takes up a responsibility one should at least try and execute it to the benefit of the staff, pilots and ATC. As I said, there are some of us who are not only dedicated to our VA but we are ready to do our part in ensuring that there is a strong Vatsim footprint in Africa & especially in West Africa as as you can see, we have increased the t
  11. Hi Gunnar, I really appreciate the quick response. I completely appreciate that VATSIM is a community that is driven by us, its members. It is up to us to be involved and make our regions function that serves users and also make them more attractive to drive traffic here for all Vatsim members. I have been flying for many years and have long wanted to spend more time on this region and recently through my involvement with Liberty Virtual and other VA's here I have been fortunate to do so. Another Vatsim member and I had reached out for a while to get ATC training to staff West Afric
  12. With the apparent demise of VATSAF, what next for the Africa region and it's pilots? We have always felt like we were the poor cousins of VATSIM and the demise of the various regions in Africa have only reinforced that belief. I would like to know from you, Vatsim, what is the cause for the disintegration of Vatsim in Africa? What do we pilots and controllers do now? Where do we get training and ratings? What does Vatsim plan for the future of our regions? We have functioning and active VA's that are growing but without a structured network to support our activities on Vatsim we are left
  13. Hi, I have been trying to get started with ATC training from the VATSAF div (I have an open ticket https://hq.vatme.net/support/view/3838) for a bit but it seems difficult to get going. Would someone be so kind as to let me know how I can get this kick startde? Cheers. Mark Tunkara (GBYD) https://airliberiava.com/v3/
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