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  1. OK, so now I am having the same issue. I guess years ago I had an account so Vatsim disabled the account that I got working and made me use my old one. And when I login to my old account I am having the same Exact talking Issue. I cannot talk or hear anyone. The password has "O" and "i" in it. I typed it so many different ways. What can be wrong here.
  2. Is SIMCONNECT already a part of flight simulator 2020. I was just watching a live stream on youtube of someone who had an application that was called self loading cargo. the streamer said you need simconnect in order to run it. the more research i am doing it seems that you need simconnect for vatsim also. I downloaded vatsim with no issues and not installing simconnect. Maybe flight sim already comes with it? would love some more info about it.
  3. So if my password has an (I) what is that? Lol
  4. So I would be able to login but then voice wouldn’t work if my password is typed wrong. Interesting maybe I made a typo.
  5. I am having a problem with hearing ATC or speaking with ATC in VPilot. I am unable to communicate at all. It has been about 48 hours since my account has been activated. I am able to connect to vpilot fine but unable to transmit or hear any ATC. can someone please help me. When I log in i am receiving this error: Error connecting to voice server: Connect failed (forbidden - ) Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. the link does not work are you able to share how you resolved. i am having same issue.
  7. Michael, Thank you for that. What would i choose for Air traffic setting? Live traffic, AI, or Off? Thanks, Justin
  8. What should my traffic settings be in Flight Sim 2020 so that when I am on the vatsim server I am only seeing planes that are flying on Vatsim. If I have other traffic turned on at busy airports wont it look like vatsim planes and regular planes are colliding with eachother and what not. How can i set it so that the other traffic is real airliners and not default planes from the game? I appreciate the help in advance.
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