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  1. People are going to want to take off and land at specific and widely different airports, especially with the MFS rolling out with its beautiful visuals. So short flights selection are very limiting. There are several constrains regarding airports having active controllers and different frequencies, so it may be more appealing to fly from two distant byt fully staffed airports then pick a shorter flight with one of the airports without any controllers on duty. For now I do pick short flights that I can try to complete in full, but I know as soon as MFS supports VR and I get my preordered Reverb
  2. So basically I'd check the SimAware map before popping in, right? To make sure I'm not in a really busy area... Though I'd only be able to see that very roughly, as I won't be on the map of course. Or is there a more precise way to check if I'd bother anynoe?
  3. I have a noob question. I mostly got everything working with real-time flights. But for longer flights I don't have the time to do the entire flight. Offline I would engage maximum time compression in X-Plane on cruise altitude after TOC and return to normal before TOD. I know it's not allowed to change time compression when connected to VATSIM. But is it acceptable and normal if I disconnect Vatsim after TOC then accelerate time then slow back to normal time before TOD and reconnect again? I think I would have to refile the flight plan as it would expire after a few minutes. What would I say
  4. In VR (Oculus Rift S) in clients 1.3.30 and 1.3.31 when there is a message in a message window and I click to reply there is a weird bug: the VR keyboard opens in X-Plane and I can type in letters, but enter and backspace keys don't work, so I can't send the message or delete what I type. "Hide" button also doesn't not work and doesn't close the keyboard. Also, I get severe FPS hit after opening the keyboard, even sometimes disconnected from VATsim because of lower than 20 FPS. I found a workaround for "hide" - clicking on the mesage window scrollbar hides the keyboard. However I can't send me
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