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  1. Thanks! But it's not my logo, though 🤣 It's the badge of the Spanish IT Engineers... EDIT: And yes, the badge represents the core memory of the old days...
  2. In line with what Robert stated, I believe that, if you are asked to "report established", and you are "cleared to the ILS approach", it means that you have to proceed "as published" in the charts, and you advise the controller when you are "established on the localizer", as descent is by instructions from the charts (ILS frequency is indicated at the chart), so the glideslope has (almost) nothing to do when reporting established on the approach (except when otherwise requested by ATC, or when indicated in the specific approach chart). At least, that's how I do it (and see how most pilots
  3. Understood, then you can disregard my suggestion. And yes, you could be doing well by pointing to the forum, seen from your perspective. I also believe that 99.9% of people are not aware of the existence of forums, so they simply pop out the questions in social media, as it is faster and easier to do so. Won't be the first time I read a Facebook post from a newbie that has just signed up at VATSIM asking "I am trying to connect, but it says that my password is incorrect"... it is clearly stated and pinned at this forum that the New Member Orientation course must be completed before
  4. Well, I use vPilot as my VATSIM pilot client... but it is nice to know that aspect of Swift.
  5. I am genuinely surprised that airshows in VATSIM exist! I thought they were only allowed at FSX Default Multiplayer... Also, someone said around here that the traffic refresh rate in VATSIM is a couple of seconds... I just wanted to say that VATSIM Velocity was recently announced. I am not in the testing group, but I hope to see it almost ready, if not fully, at some point during summer. I do not know it for sure, as I've already said, I am not a tester. But it would be nice to have it released (at least in a public beta) before the airshow. That would enhance the experience of both takin
  6. Marcus, The webpage is GREAT! Specially taking into consideration that you have done it without previous programming experience. Congratulations! I hope that you don't mind me giving you a suggestion to improve it a little bit. It's a minor detail without relevance. I've noticed that the VATSIM logo at the top right takes visitors to this Forum when they click it. I personally think that it should be better if, by doing so, visitors would be redirected to the VATSIM Homepage (https://www.vatsim.net/). It should be as easy as changing one word at the HTML tag. Anyways, it is already b
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