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  1. Yeah it’s weird, I did reach out to them. We’ll see what comes of it
  2. Yeah that was my initial thinking but then I started wondering if my setup was wrong or something. Still don't know. I've messed with every setting I can think of. FSUIPC doesn't give me any real options in the settings with the free version. SimConnect doesn't have an interface at all, or at least I don't understand how to use it. My Vpilot client is set to show traffic up to 100 nm but i can't even see traffic in my direct vicinity on the TCAS. Not sure anymore.
  3. Didn't quite know where to post this, hopefully this is ok! Just wondering if anyone else who uses any Carenado aircraft has this problem, or if you are able to see traffic on the aircraft's TCAS? I don't know where to begin, as in I don't know if it's just how Carenado aircraft are setup, or if it's FSUIPC (I only have free version)/SimConnect that isn't allowing it, or maybe something to do with Vpilot. If anyone has any insight or similar experience, I'd love to hear! I can't seem to find any answers online and I did put in a support ticket to Carenado just inquiring with t
  4. Huh I’ll look in to those things. I’ve searched through FSUIPC, and never found any similar options. I also have the freeware FSUIPC and not the paid version, so my options with the FSUIPC interface are limited. But also, sorry for the lack of info. It doesn’t happen in any one aircraft, it happens in all aircraft, add-ons and default . But only when connected to Vpilot, never when disconnected from it. So I guess you’re right it could be FSUIPC or Vpilot, that’s about the only two options at this point. I’ll try and investigate further, thanks!
  5. I can't be the only one who experiences this?! It never happens if I am not connected to Vpilot, but almost every time I am still on the server and try to shut down my plane, it acts like it is off but all of the visuals look like the battery is still on. I can sometimes get around it if I disconnect from the server before I shutdown. Just wondered if anyone else experiences this and/or if anyone has found the source of the problem. Thanks!
  6. I started with a short flight last night, I think it’s a great addition to flight sim! Yeah, that would be nice. I was reading in the FSE manual that they decided to keep everything the same and not really ever do an overhaul. For MSFS2020 users especially I’m sure there’s some major differences. A lot changes in 11 years! Still seems to be a great program
  7. Ive been playing using VATSIM and FSPassengers, and it’s been pretty fun. But I’m waiting for my account to be accepted on FSEconomy now, and I have to say after reading the FSE manual in preparation, I’m so much more excited to try it out. What are your guys’ experience with FSE, if you’ve tried it? How many of you are waiting to use it, are using it, or have used it in the past? Also just trying to get a gauge on how many of us VATSIMmers are also on FSE. Seems like a great combination.
  8. Great, thanks a lot! Exactly the kind of thing I wanted to find. 😁
  9. Thanks. I guess I don’t need it to be an addon for the default gps. Maybe I’ll start looking around for a separate gps or gauge.
  10. I hope I’m posting this in the right area! I have been searching and searching for a way to get other player traffic to show up on fxs default gps. I’ve looked for freeware radars or gps, and still haven’t found anything. Has anyone found a solution to this by chance? IRL I’m pretty sure you’d have some sort of gps or radar showing nearby traffic to you. Thanks!
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