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  1. Nah, it's specific for that app. But perhaps you can convince the developers to add the support. regards, Alexander
  2. Same problem for me on ESGG_TWR and just had a chat with LRAR_APP who is also affected.
  3. If anyone else wants to choose size of EuroScopes windows to accomplish something like this screencap and don't mind spending $35... read below I'm currently going through S2 training and have found it hard to make full use of my wide screen monitor(3440x1440) given the very limited options for resizing in EuroScope. This morning I decided to try out a program called "Virtual Display Manager", found here: https://www.ishadow.com/ VDM let's you create virtual monitors with the height and width you want and run your apps maximized in one of them. Although the program d
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