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  1. Ah yes, looks like that's correct--thanks! https://vpilot.metacraft.com/Documentation#dot-commands
  2. Thanks for this event! I did Cardiff -> Jersey -> Bristol. Great coverage all around. Really appreciated the more laid back coverage. Or maybe I'm just getting the hang of this! 😉
  3. Thanks for breaking that down! As someone who is still getting comfortable with judging the correct angle for the approach, I will pray that controllers give me an instrument approach. 😅 Is it okay to ask them for an instrument approach as a preference?
  4. I'm using the TBM 930 in MSFS2020 and I can't seem to figure out how to listen to both COM1 and COM2 at the same time or if it's even possible. I'm pretty sure I was able to do this in the Cessna 172, but can't figure out in the TBM 930. This would be useful for keeping an ear on your current controller while getting the ATIS from your arrival airport.
  5. Essentially meaning that if they cleared me for visual approach on runway 8L (for example), I should stick to an approach plate that would keep me on 8L?
  6. Another question from my flight tonight. A center controller cleared me for a visual runway approach tonight. Unfortunately MSFS2020 crashed before I could fly what I assumed he meant and maybe get yelled at if I was wrong. 😅 I assume this means that I can use whatever approach I want (e.g. RNAV or ILS). Or does it mean to just hand fly the plane in? Can I opt to still use an instrument approach (e.g. RNAV or ILS)?
  7. Here's the ATC for dummies guide I have open on my second monitor whenever I use VATSIM. 🙂 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=845407804
  8. Simtoolkitpro is another free software that functions similar to LNM. It's in beta right now, but the UI is a lot more modern. You can also pull your flight plans directly from SimBrief!
  9. These are the settings I've been using and have seen VATSIM traffic just fine!
  10. Thanks again! This helps explain why SimBrief doesn't add the approach to the flight plan. In terms of SimBrief, should I always expect it to generate a SID/STAR for my route? I flew KJAX to KTPA today and it looks like SimBrief only generated the SID and I had to calculate the STAR myself.
  11. Thank you for this! I actually just bought a Navigraph subscription this morning because I thought it'd make flight planning idiot proof. Though it seemed to help a little, it's still pretty involved as your video demonstrates. I think I'll stick to using SimBrief to automatically generate a flight plan. I didn't realize SimBrief was also generating the SID/STAR routing as well because it doesn't show that (as far as I can tell) on the webapge, but now that I actually loaded up the PLN file into MSFS2020 I see the departure and arrival procedure. So with that being solved, what do you rec
  12. Just flew my second IFR flight and had some questions. I chose a SID, STAR, and Approach for my route. The ground controller at my departure airport however gave me a totally new SID, which really confused me because I wasn't expecting to get a new route after I had already planned one out. I didn't plan one for my first flight and the controller was confused I didn't have one, whereas this second flight the controller gave me a totally new one. So this left me confused on how I'm supposed to file an IFR flight plan. Is the responsibility on me to find the correct SID/STAR/Approach for my
  13. Is it possible to broadcast to yourself? For example tuning 123.45 on both COM 1 and COM 2, listening to both, and then transmitting on one. I'd just like to confirm that I sound good over comms. As an audiophile, I was surprised that I had to bump my mic up +10 in vPilot in order for my voice to be in the green. I assumed my mic was already properly adjusted in windows, so I'm worried if I might be super distorted to others.
  14. MSFS weather being inaccurate right now is a known issue and MS addressed it in their latest dev update. It sounds like they're aiming to fix it next patch!
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