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  1. Quite odd isn't it - spend quite a while trying to work out why it randomly bugs out like that. I'll have to keep tinkering with the vmr file I suppose.
  2. Just got this too - SHT is an A320 and it's created it with another BA livery but it makes no sense that it is failing to use the livery one day, and succeeding another? same with the flight below - it's a B788 and that's in my vmr... it works sometimes but today it's now rejecting the model? It's put in a 747 instead. Any help would be appreciated as i'm spending a lot of time trying to work out whats wrong
  3. The liveries are in the folder but I get the "the file may be corrupt or missing - vPilot will try and create using a different model". The liveries it bumps are fine though - all config'd correctly to display in game and include AI textures too. Happens with BA every so often too - just decides to not match the liveries to the callsigns. I check the callsign and aircraft type incase someone logs on wrong onto VATSIM using an invalid type code but they're using A320 and A20N etc as they should and my vmr points to those too. I had someone who downloaded my mod message me with this
  4. So I have the files loaded in for Swiss for example, and Air New Zealand and Etihad from what I've written in my VMR I've created, but I'll get a ton of boops saying unable to match and it'll use another model instead so I end up getting a ton of Asobo default A320s, or an easyJet livery when it should be KLM (as I had yesterday - it got the easyJet flight and the KLM flight mixed up either side of me) Today as a further example I flew into Zurich for the big Vatsim event - when I touched down and was taxiing in, I noticed I had a couple of Swiss jets, a few SAS and absolutely ever
  5. ^^ I've now tripled the size of my VMR file I've produced in the link 3 or 4 comments up ... Now includes cargo airline liveries and lots of US airlines too including each individual Frontier livery produced so far. It's taken weeks but it's the closest we can get so far so download away! Model Matching for MSFS For whoever created or runs vPilot though I'm welcome to any feedback on how I've designed the file too - it doesn't always work for the liveries I've targeted oddly.
  6. By the weekend I'll try and get generic GA added too
  7. I've created one and it's taken AGES and is limited to a few things including the odd invisible jet on Vatsim with MSFS and the fact that we only have 3 airliner types currently It's free to download but I'm accepting donations as it'll be ongoing work https://flightsim.to/file/1632/msfs-vpilot-modelmatching No redistribution allowed - contact me for additions/amendments Currently working to cover UK/West Europe traffic with liveries currently in circulation then I'll move to USA and Far East/Asia
  8. vpilot 2.6.7 - Today my friend and I connected at an airport, next to each other. He could see me but I could not see him at all. We are using the same vpilot update (current), on MSFS. Yesterday it was working fine, but today it's not oddly. We've disconnected and reconnected and both checked to ensure we are not accidentally in observer mode and everything seems fine except for the fact that I cannot see him. I've checked .debug and the only message there is the version 2.6.7 message - no error codes etc either. My modelmatching is showing correctly, audio/text is working for both
  9. I second this - spent 30mins connected earlier trying. Did a load of radio checks, one time had Rx back but at no point did I hear anything - got frustrated and just logged off in the end. I checked all my settings too, it's nothing my end.
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