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  1. It was always when I was starting vPilot and connecting to the network oddly - one livery seemed to be crashing my sim at the exact time I'd connect to VATSIM so that's been removed.
  2. Quite an odd one - prior to Patch 5 the model matching file was at least 75% accurate - but now post-patch I get BAW liveries showing, and BEL liveries but so far - absolutely nothing else! The liveries that have been updated have all been checked too for any changes and the vmr updated with any model title name changes so can't work out why this isn't reliable anymore... it should still be producing the liveries for the 3 airliner types in the files. Anyone else noticed this? vPilot still thinks it's displaying all liveries correctly from .aircraft but they're all default asobo.
  3. Btw I removed the model matching file and the stutter still hit when I connected in case you're wondering.
  4. Did further testing - cleared my community folder and added in updated liveries 4-5 at a time with custom model matching updated to reflect model title name changes etc. The moment I connected to Vatsim I got blurry lag (almost as if it was about to crash but didn't) and was fine but I only had Default Asobo liveries so it wasn't reading any new liveries. That's weird in itself as the liveries are useable by me, and the vmr has been updated for them to work like they used to. But secondary to that the lag as I connect to Vatsim is new from this patch.
  5. Yes - though I'm wondering if it's an issue with the updated liveries that the creators fixed - I'm working through each one seeing if they are all or if one is an issue, but every time I connect to VATSIM, within a few minutes I get a CTD. Haven't installed the latest patch fix yet though + hoping that's fixed the issue
  6. Bit of an odd one. Had the current stable (as of 30/10/2020) and yesterday I connected fine, and was able to fly fine. Had a custom model matching file on then too - no issues at all post Patch 5 MSFS (1.10...) Today I've gone onto the sim, and tried to spawn at multiple different airports and kept getting CTDs. I thought it may be scenery, so removed all the scenery - spawned in and still each time got CTD whenever I connected to VATSIM via vPilot. I've then removed my modelmatching file and spawned again at multiple airports, ran vPilot - then again the second I connect it C
  7. I've read it multiple times over having tried to create a VMR for MSFS. I get we (MSFS users) are a nuisance because it's not working 100% as a sim but I'm just trying to help find a solution to modelmatching currently as best as we can get it. Even though I have asked above, here are the specific questions I currently have. 1. If the model title isn't complete with the name in between two " symbols - will vPilot not be able to find it correctly? ( For example title = "easyJet neo ; model name - as I have seen in a livery) 2. Why does it generate a Lufthansa livery,
  8. Should also add I've seen some livery .cfg files titles are missing the end " as well - could this stop the livery being read by the .vmr? Again, any help trying to work this out is vastly appreciated
  9. Should all the title lines just be the same? Or is there something particular to look out for with the liveries that might not let them work correctly?
  10. Well I have no idea what I'm doing - I have built it for myself and have shared it for the whole sim community in absense of any form of half decent modelmatching out there as there currently isn't any. I'm trying to figure out why vPilot doesn't work with some of the liveries and figured that may be the issue but if you're saying it's not could you kindly consider what may be the issue please? Even today it told me it had put an Iberia flight as Iberia but as I said, when I saw it, it was in Lufthansa colours so something isn't talking to something properly - and I'm not of the know
  11. That's me - I have no idea - I had it today where .aircraft said it was displaying an Iberia A320 AI Livery for an Iberia callsign, but oddly when I saw him it was in Lufthansa colours. Very odd. Found some issues with the livery aircraft.cfg files where the livery creators are not putting in the ICAO_code = " " line to show what airline the livery should belong to so have done a YouTube video about that as that's one issue I'm sure
  12. So potentially it's an issue within the livery file somewhere or MSFS being MSFS!
  13. Quite odd isn't it - spend quite a while trying to work out why it randomly bugs out like that. I'll have to keep tinkering with the vmr file I suppose.
  14. Just got this too - SHT is an A320 and it's created it with another BA livery but it makes no sense that it is failing to use the livery one day, and succeeding another? same with the flight below - it's a B788 and that's in my vmr... it works sometimes but today it's now rejecting the model? It's put in a 747 instead. Any help would be appreciated as i'm spending a lot of time trying to work out whats wrong
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