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  1. Got my vPilot working after a prior issue, however I have no incoming transmissions what so ever. I have all audio drivers updated, I test on the ground at the airfield, ATC verifies that they are talking yet I have no RX light. I have attempted a port-forward, checked my firewall, yet to still no avail Any thoughts?
  2. Alright I seem to have fixed the issue, my Antivirus was actually deleting the .exe as it installed seeing it as a threat. However, I am now faced with another issue as I am not receiving any RX from ATC or Pilots One problem after the other it seems 😞
  3. Just tried, same error. This is the message after aborting
  4. Yea I Re-booted and went directly into installation yet still same problem, perhaps safe mode?
  5. Unfortunately Already tried that method , if I choose to ignore the error it just installs normally. However, It says that the actual .exe file is missing
  6. Hey Guys! So randomly my vPilot just quit working, so after trying to run it over and over I just went for the re-install now during that process this error pops up: I have tried re-installing, emptying config file, running as admin, yet still nothing has got through Any solution?
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