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  1. Yup, looks like Hotmail must be blocking the emails. Fortunately I was still signed in to the membership dashboard under the original password and was able to change my email address to an alternate and now I'm getting the emails no problem. Thanks Nestor!
  2. Hi,I've tried opening a support ticket, but it keeps failing and telling me to correct errors, but I'm not seeing any errors. I've been trying to request password reminders and resets all day, but I haven't received any of them. I'm getting the notification that they've been successfully sent via the membership website, but they're not in my inbox or spam folder. I'm not blocking the vatsim.net domain and even added it to my safe senders list. I had originally managed to log in after a long break using my old password, but then changed it. It's been at least 24 hours since then and I can't see
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