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  1. Yes, that was the solution for me. I use the last beta (don't know if that is the problem) but when I close the standard Euroscope METAR window by default (so, not open on startup) I don't get METAR data, as soon as I open it, the METARs are 'downloaded'. E.
  2. Hi, Do you have the METAR window open somewhere? I had the same problem. I started using the Topsky Meteo window and closed the Euroscope standard METAR window but it looks like the window must be open to get METARs in Euroscope. I hope this helps. Erik
  3. Hi, We only use new voice (AFV). So TWR set ATIS like before without"start multiple record playback". Then he connects via AFV to his ATIS channel to check if the ATIS is transmitting. He didn't hear anything + tells me. I went online as OBS, connects to his ATIS via AFV and I can hear the ATIS. I disconnect from his ATIS and I can still hear the ATIS transmitting on my OBS channel. disconnect/reconnect AFV & Euroscope did not solve the problem. E.
  4. Hello, We just had a strange problem with ATIS. One of our TWR controllers complained on our Discord that he couldn't hear his ATIS (EBBR_ATIS). I quickly went online as Observer and listened to his voice ATIS and I could hear the ATIS. After doing this, it looked like the ATIS transfered to my login EW_OBS. I tried to disconnect from Vatsim and connect again but I still could heat the ATIS on my EW_OBS voice channel. Even now after 10min, when I completely restarted Euroscope & AFV I can still hear the ATIS on EW_OBS. Is this a known problem? Thank you, Erik
  5. I have the same problem. Is there an other way to activate the simulation of other sectors? Erik
  6. Take a look in my basement http://atc.wachters.be Erik
  7. Hello, An important thing I want to add is: when you can't fly it, don't accept it. A lot of pilots read back a clearance correctly but don't/can't fly the cleared route/SID/STAR. If you can't do it, just tell the controller. He/She will help you out without disturbing other traffic. https://www.belgocontrol.be/html/belgocontrol_static/eaip/eAIP_Main/html/index-en-GB.html Erik
  8. Hi, It's only his TAG (flightplan) that is on your screen. It's a non correlated TAG. Erik
  9. I don't think so..... https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=71968
  10. Yesterday after 15min sending .contactme I got this reply: Same session 10 min later, other pilot: I put him on a 30° intercept for the LOC and cleared him for the ILS25L. He overshoots the LOC and proceed for about 5 miles. Erik
  11. So where is the funny part? The title on this must be: "The most annoying things you have ever heard while controlling." Erik
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