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  1. A9 - Except as provided for in Section B3(b) of this Code of Conduct, members shall not leave their connections unattended. Members not actively participating in the network (ie connected as an observer) shall not log on for excessive periods of time. He didn't leave it unattended so no violation there. Second excessive period of time is not well defined and, therefore, very subjective so no one here can really determine if he or anyone else is violating by doing this. It would be up to the supervisor at the time to make the subjective determination.
  2. The new update to MSFS added VNAV and it worked for me last night. Funny thing is I probably won't use it much during approach or departure and will stick with VS mode.
  3. I have been working through your ground school videos and they are great! As I have been going through them I decided to try to put together a ATC checklist myself as it will really help me with my communication so I wanted to share it here and get any feedback on any changes that should be made and I figure other beginners may benefit from it too. ATC IFR Checklist.pdf
  4. Flight plans can be put in to the aircraft during flat and not just the world view in fs2020. I do it often. In addition you can return to the normal flight plan after deviations you just might have to delete a waypoint or two. No big deal. The only autopilot system that deosnt work is vnav so just use vs mode. I did my first ever flight on vatsim with the 787 and had no issues.
  5. This training is wonderful! thank you so much! I am just starting the training but I was wondering is there any sort of "checklist" for atc contact. For instance I we have checklist for each stage of flight that tells us what to do with the aircraft. Would be awesome if there was something similar like: Pre-Taxi Contact ATC ground for IFR Clearance................check Contact ATC Ground for Taxi Clearance..............check Etc. Thanks again for this great info!
  6. thanks for the input everyone. Just want to give a quick update on how things went with my first go. I was I was very nervous but it went great! No need for vnav at all! I took I took off from an airport that didn't have a controller and as I entered controlled airspace I contacted ATC. There was a little discrepancy in my flight plan that he ask for clarification about(I'll get it right next time). I also stumbled over a few words here and there but practice it will get better. Anyways, I had to change from one Runway approach to another as the one I had originally in my flight p
  7. I am hoping to fly the 787 from MSFS on vatsim but I was told without VNAV its just not ready. I am not so sure about that as this would really just mean that I would just have to use VS mode as I do now. Also he said the direct to function doesn't work for stars and sids and that would be an issues however it can program an approach via a star (i do it currently to follow the AI ATC commands). Anyways, he said without the functions I would be banned. So, with VS mode and approach/departure programming via a star working is this still not enough for IFR airliners?
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