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  1. Same error for me. I have not changed any of my firewall settings. I downloaded VatSpy back in September if my memory is correct.
  2. Thanks! I think this is a good rule set to have in mind! It's easy to remember and gives me guidance on how to interact with ATC!
  3. Oh, the center controller knew my flight plan and had given me clearance earlier to approach the first fix/waypoint of the ILS approach. But when I reached the first fix/waypoint of the ILS approach, nothing was said from the center controller, possibly due to the fact that the center controller was busy monitoring other traffic. The flight was a super short 15 to 20 minute flight between 2 close airports so technically, I didn't have to enter a STAR before the ILS approach. The first waypoint/fix of the ILS approach was more or less, the next waypoint for me after I took off from the
  4. So there was no tower controller on, so it was the center controller that was controlling everything, including the airspace and the airport. I don't exactly recall if I was cleared for the approach before I reached the first waypoint/fix of the ILS approach. But as you said, "If not, then ask the center controller if you are cleared for the approach," I guess it should be okay if I let the center controller know that I have arrived at the first waypoint/fix for the ILS approach and then ask if I am cleared to start the ILS approach. Here is another question. Is it common for the A
  5. Sorry, I should have said, I was in communications with a center controller the whole time, even prior to starting the ILS approach. There was no other controller below the center controller so the center controller had complete control of my entire flight. When I say "contact me," I guess what I really mean is for the center controller to give me further instructions or further clearance (I was already communicating with the center controller prior to my ILS approach). In my case, I was passing the first waypoint for the ILS approach on the navigational chart. I waited for the center contr
  6. Hi. I am new to VATSIM. When I fly an ILS approach according to the navigational/Jeppesen charts, there is always a starting waypoint/fix for the ILS approach on that chart. When I cross that starting waypoint/fix and ATC hasn't contacted me, should I get proactive and contact ATC instead? I would think reaching/crossing the initial waypoint/fix for an ILS approach is a pretty significant event so my intuition tells me that I should contact ATC if they haven't contacted me yet. But I'm not sure as to proper procedure so I would like to ask here. Thank you.
  7. Oh, so "when ready" is ICAO phraseology! That's good to know. Personally, as a pilot, I think "at your discretion" is easier to understand that I have clearance.
  8. If my memory is correct, I think I got the runway to taxi to as well. I do recall getting the taxiway paths up to the runway, when I received my squawk code. From the viewpoint of the controller, I believe he gave me all the information necessary to taxi up to the runway and which runway to use (which would make sense if the controller gave me clearance to taxi when I received my squawk code). But I don't recall the phrase "taxi at pilot's discretion" or "taxi at discretion." Because if I repeated "taxi at discretion" back to ATC, that would be very obvious to me that I I have clearanc
  9. Hi. I am new to VATSIM. So I was doing an IFR flight and I was at the parking ramp. There was a center ATC that oversaw the airport (no other ATC were at the airport so it fell under the jurisdiction of the center controller). So I called the center ATC and the center ATC gave me my squawk code, and then in the same instruction, said something like "... taxi when ready" at the end of the instruction (sorry, my memory is a little fuzzy on this, but I think I also got the taxiway directions as well). I entered my squawk code as usual, and then called back the center ATC and asked for cle
  10. Ok, I will let Ross respond. But yeah, if it's not a setting that is transmitted through SimConnect, I guess nothing can be done about it from the perspective of vPilot.
  11. Hi. Are you the developer of vPilot? If so, would it be possible in a future version if vPIlot to issue a warning in red text, as Robert Shearman Jr has noted, if vPilot detects that the AI has been selected to manage the ATC comms? Some of us may have "Manage Radio Comms" selected in the "AI Control" window (please see the screenshot of the "AI Control" window). If MSFS is able to give vPilot the information of whether "Manage Radio Comms" is enabled or disabled, then vPilot could issue a warning in red on the console when we connect with vPilot to the VATSIM network. If that would be po
  12. Thanks. I think this was likely the problem. I had enabled "Manage Radio Comms" in the "AI Control" window. Maybe the developer for vPilot can do a check to see if "Manage Radio Comms" is enabled and if it is enabled, flag a warning in red on the console when vPilot connects to the network.
  13. Hi. This is really weird. I was doing a simple traffic pattern around CYVR (Vancouver International) today in a Cessna 172, G1000. I had tuned to 118.7 fine on the ground and was talking to Tower all the way to takeoff. I took off from runway 08R at CYVR, and then did the normal right hand traffic pattern there. On final, I asked for clearance to land on Runway 08R. Tower at CYVR did not respond. So I checked my frequency. For whatever reason, my frequency in MSFS had changed and Tower didn't hear me. In vPilot, I typed ".com1 118.7" as you can see in the screenshot. However, the
  14. Hi. According to the code of conduct, we need to contact ATC if we are flying through that ATC's airspace and it's staffed. On VatSpy, I assume that means when we enter the solid blue lines of a Center's airspace, we contact Center. And when we fly through the circular turquoise line in VatSpy, we contact Approach/Departure. If I understand this wrong about Center, Approach/Departure, please correct me. So if Tower is the highest level of ATC (ie. there is nobody staffing Approach/Departure or Center above it), when should I contact Tower? For example, please look at the attached pict
  15. That's too bad there is no way to change this. Nameplates is already working in MSFS for multiplayer mode. I was hoping that nameplate functionality could just be tweaked to work with vPilot.
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