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  1. As stated before i'm not able to access the discord account that it is linked to because it is an unclaimed account that discord randomly created. I am logged in on the discord.com/app and in the windows client with my correct discord id Matax#3589 but it is still linking to the account Matax#4782. This occurred even after I was told that it was reset and to attempt it again by Nestor Perez. I also attempted in a private browser as directed as well and it still is linking to this random unclaimed Discord ID. Screenshot Attached.
  2. Its still linked to the incorrect account, It may need to be reset again so i can attempt to set it up 1 more time.
  3. I attempted to set it up again but it is still binding to that same Discord ID even though i'm logged in with my correct ID on the website (discord.com/app) and in my discord client on my PC. I am not in private browser or anything else that should cause this to occur. My correct discord ID is Matax#3598.
  4. When I go to the discord app website it is showing my normal account and the server is not there, but when I go to the community hub it is showing it linked to what i'm guessing is an unclaimed discord id that i cannot regain access to. I have included a screenshot of what i'm seeing attached. I have already attempted the steps provided prior in this post on the discord app and have not found a way to access this id.
  5. I attempted to set up the VATSIM discord in the process it got linked to a randomly generated discord account that is not mine, I did not notice this until the account was linked. I attempted to try and access this user but am not able to and was looking to see if i could get my discord unlinked. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hey my VATSIM discord is linked with a randomly generated discord account, i attempted to follow the steps provided but am not able to access the user to remove the server any help would be much appreciated 🙂
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