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  1. So I did quite a bit of testing today outside of Vatsim with my live traffic settings turned on. It appears the only planes that show up on the VFR Map are Real-Life Planes. FS2020 Players do not show up on the VFR Map. I submitted a bug to Zendesk.
  2. So I think traffic actually may be working. I just saw a plane takeoff at JFK. I looked at Simaware and apparently a plane did just takeoff from that same runway at the same time I saw it while connected. I guess the problem is, why aren't the planes showing up on my VFR Map? And when I was landing in a Class B yesterday and was told I was third in line, I could not see any other planes in the air.
  3. I have multiplayer and A.I settings both to off. I few into a Class B airspace and ATC told me I was third in line but I saw no planes in the air nor did I see any planes on my VFR Map. I'm using vPilot 2.6.7. Also, not using any addons.
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