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  1. Thanks Mark, I have sent the event invite to the members of vACCWAF, I'll be there myself. Will reach out soon so we share ideas. Rgds Kwasi
  2. Hello Mark, Great, we can make some progress from here. I just took over as Communications Director this month. Part of the reason we may have missed your emails could be technical since vACCWAF was moved from VATAME to VATSAF. We have not been able to gain access to mails or VATSAF. We have lodged complaint with VATAME our former division and to VATSIM but no support. For now we are willing to make progress on our own and with your message already shared with my other Executives, we are excited and propose the following; 1. Have a zoom meeting as soon as possible to m
  3. Hello Folks, I'm the Communications Director for vACC WAF (West Africa Virtual) and wish to share some information on our Unit. Operating since 2018, we currently hold 98 members in total. We have Executives and their deputies managing the Unit (Director, ATC Director, Membership Director, Web/Creative Director, Technical Director, Marketing Director, Pilot Director and Communications Director). Our aim is to provide aviation enthusiasts the best of exposure and experience within our airspace. Our vACC conducts a major event every month, and weekly minor Mid-week Hop events and Sunda
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