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  1. Thank you so much Ross for your help. That problem was bugging me for a while. Tom
  2. Hey Ross, I did what you said and nothing is running in task manager and no errors in component services. That is the error message I get when I try to reinstall maybe its that?
  3. Ok thanks Ross I will try this now.
  4. When I click on the application it dosen't respond or open the application. Sorry for not clarifying earlier. Tom someone plz respond 🙂
  5. Hey guys, I was trying to open vPilot today and it didn't open no matter what I tried. It worked fine yesterday. I have installed vPilot and ran the setup plenty of times and disabled all my Windows Defender stuff. The app is on my desktop and appdata it just doesn't want to open. I appreciate all feedback I can get. Thanks, Tom
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