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  1. Hello Yassine, Yes the issue has been resolved. As Chriss describes it, the problem was that: 1: Google Chrome had automatically translated the page into French. I hadn't realized it. 2: In order to keep the training text in front of me, I opened the exam in another window of my explorer. not sure that this point is blocking but probably. I opened the VATSIM page with Firefox, I smoothed it out in English. In the first test, despite having had the exam finalized in 43 seconds, which is obviously crazy. I waited an hour for the new test to be available, I pass
  2. Hello Kriss, Thanks for answer. The exam' are opened in second window. I think is the real problem. Thank you for your help and see you later Michel
  3. Bonjour, Etant nouvellement inscrit ce matin et après avoir terminé les lectures préparatoires j'ai passé l'examen initial d'entrée. J'ai terminé cet examen dans le temps imparti mais j'ai obtenu un code error 404 après avoir cliqué sur terminé. Avez-vous un souci avec la page? Merci pour votre réponse future, Michel -- MOD: Translation (This is an international forum, please write in English) -- Hello, Being newly registered this morning and after completing the preparatory readings I took the initial entrance exam. I completed this review within
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