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  1. Here you can see that the Problem is really just in vPlane Programm. Teamspeak works fine. Microphone device is the same in TS as in VPilot. In TS the bar moves ...
  2. Ive tried it now with X Pilot... same problem here. The green bar isnt moving. Windows Privacy Settings accept und work with VPilot. Access for v Pilot in Windows Privacy Settings. The devices are configured appropriatley. I use a Beyerdynamic MMX 300. It is connected to the PC via the 2,5M Cable. That is insert in a prebox from my Sounddriver ASUS STRIX DLX. Microphone works fine with any other games and programs like Teamspeak. Bar is moving without any Problems.
  3. Hi there. VPilot does not work with my Microphone. Every other game and program on my PC using my Mic works fine. But in vPilot it seems that there is no input when iam speaking.... very frustrating =( Sorry for my bad english. Hopefully the developers can fix that bug.
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