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  1. yes i look but also don’t working, can you help me on a discord chat? Discord: frankk#8187 pls 🙏🏻
  2. sorry but don’t working can you help me in a Discord chat? Down this you can look my radio, i have set up the ATC on COM1 but don’t working please help me Discord: frankk#8187
  3. and i can do this in the overhead or down the radio at the left?
  4. and then i insert the COM1 and then i can hear the ATC?
  5. i haven't setup the audio panel... how i setup tha audio panel in the 737-800 zibo? thx
  6. Hello everyone I wanted to saw a problem I recently had on Xsquawkbox, I installed about 5 days ago this Vatsim client, I wanted to know how is it that I can listen to the audio of Vatsim from xsquawkbox? I followed everything the guide told me but the audio doesn’t work and so I’m forced to use the text.. If you know how to do that, I’d be very grateful... Greetings
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