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  1. Thank Andreas for the well organized answer! I'll start from the resources you mentioned in the 1st paragraph and try some luck. If not I'm gonna do the "EGMH DCT KVR DCT TUKVI LT LFAT" as remade version of FSX mission "flying blind across the channel" as my 1st try since this is simple enough for a new GA pilot, then find out more to learn.
  2. yes I saw that but this is an overview stuff which is not telling me what the entire codec is… e.g. the DCT means something like "direct to"? I might need to find out a entire codec like "how to decode metar and taf" which lists BLDU = blow dust, RETS = recent thunderstorm to make sure I understand how this is organized and can write one that can be read by the recipients.
  3. Sorry for (maybe) a simple question, but I found nothing really helpful in pilot resource center of vatsim website. I saw a Youtube video with Cessna C152 on an IFR trip from London City to Bristol, there was a step (around 10:40) the video maker file the IFR plan in vPilot windows, inputting something like "EGLC DCT BPK DCT ..." Currently I start to learn to make my own flight plan (with Little Navmap) and prepare for my 1st trip in vatsim with FS2020, but I don't know the format (or the resource to learn that from) of this TEXT based flight plan. As far as I guess, this stuf
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