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  1. Hi Phil, yeah the buzzing disappeared when plugged into the Sound Blaster card. I'll try the different power source idea though, because I'm back on the motherboard's audio port, which causes the buzzing. I mean it's a very low buzzing, you have to listen very carefully to hear it (with nothing else playing of course). But now that I know it's there it really irritates me!
  2. Hi Phil, yes absolutely. I was originally using the on board audio with my speakers and that worked fine in vPilot. I bought the sound blaster card for better sound quality and because the on board sound continuously emits a low buzzing noise through my speakers! I actually never tried the mic input on the sound blaster card funny enough (because when I couldn't hear audio on it I gave up and plugged in my Logitech USB headset right away). I've pulled the card out now and I'm back to using the on board sound, and my mic is from from my Logitech usb web cam. These are the two ways I usually ope
  3. I recently popped a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card into my PC, and installed the drivers. Strangely, I get no sound from vPilot, even though the card is working just fine for all other applications I've tested. Yes, in the vPilot settings I have changed the Output Device to "Speakers (Sound Blaster Audigy Fx)". Anybody else run into this problem, or have some useful tips on how to get it all working?
  4. Thanks Kirk. On that note, when I switch to 122.8 is this a "text only" frequency or should I be voice transmitting my intentions?
  5. As someone new to VATSIM I was wondering what happens when the center controller signs off and the center closes. Should I then contact the nearest airport approach controller (even though I am out of their circular control area), or am I on my own at that point?
  6. Excellent, thanks for the information Ross. Indeed, I did not have my air traffic settings set to "Live". I've done that now and I see the other aircraft in VATSIM. Quite cool!
  7. Awesome, thanks. I can't seem to find an AI package for FS2020. FLAi seems like the ideal thing, but it is for FSX. Perhaps they will develop something for FS2020.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to using VATSIM. What an awesome concept and a brilliant way of really taking the flight sim experience to a new level. Quick question though: Will I see aircraft that are flying in different simulators? I'm flying MSFS2020 and on landing this evening the controller slotted someone in just ahead of me, but I didn't see anything - just nice empty runway.
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