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  1. They did now tell me anything about AeroSors. What is it and how do I install it? And I looked at vasFMC but I saw it had a very long installation process that I don't think I could follow. Although, if vasFMC has more realism and is better in the longrun, I think I might choose that one. Could you tell me more about vasFMC? Thank you so much!!!
  2. I emailed the creator of EasyFMC and they said the database could not be updated because it uses the simulator internal database, so I can't update anything. Is there a way I can update the sim database? Thanks for your help so far!
  3. I'm using easyFMC for FSX: SE. How can I tell which one is right for me?
  4. I recently downloaded a payware FMC hoping it would give me more realism. It did, however many of the waypoints/approaches/departures are not in my FMC Database. Many controllers have advised me to update my FMC Navigation Database, but I am unsure how to do so. If you could please tell me how to do this, that would be great. Thanks!
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