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  1. Congratulations Felix! All the best in your new position.
  2. The VATSIM European Division is currently accepting applications for the position "Membership Support Group Manager". This is a very specific position within VATEUD as it represents one of the first contact points between a new and/or existing member and VATSIM Europe. Due to the nature of this position, we are looking for a person with a very specific skill set that can cater to new members' needs. Some of the responsibilities include: Recruit a group of members willing to help out within the Membership Support Group (from the different vACCs within VATEUD); Getting in touch
  3. Please join me in welcoming @Artur Vasiljev in his new position as Community Director for VATEUD. We are looking forward to Artur's fresh ideas for future of the EUD community.
  4. Trevor, I agree that we have the necessary documentation and it should be followed more. When we train new members on a EURx position, we hand them over all the necessary information (including all mentioned above) in order to provide a certain quality of controlling. Whether the member applies such when controlling we don't know, but we would like to. What we have always said is, if someone has any feedback regarding a certain situation (whether as adjancent ATC or pilot) then please send this. If we know what the issues are we can work on them as fast as possible in order to avoid futu
  5. Hi Torben, My message was not specifically directed to you, but to everyone. You are right, the decision has been made - but that does not mean that feedback can't be taken into consideration anymore should anything change in the future. The decision, as Nick already explained, was not made by a unique person but agreed by all involved parties. Asking the community, yes I agree, but that is the job of each vACC Director as they are the first point of contact for the members of every vACC. It is up to them to judge whether the entire vACC community is to be informed of such events.
  6. A small note on "points are taken onboard". Please do provide us with the constructive criticism/feedback if that's what you're looking to do, useless comments will not be that helpful for the future. Thanks
  7. Thank you for all the hard work Mark, definitely won't be the same as you played a vital role in VATSIM's past and present! Hope to see you around online, till then stay safe and keep the spirit! 🙂
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