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  1. WELL since you offered... I dug around for a "SELCAL" code for the planes I loaded tonight (C152 and C172 in MSFS2020) and couldn't find one anywhere. I ended up just connecting without one as it seemed better than making up a fake one since I figured if not having one was a real problem I'd hear about it right away instead of someone trying to use it and it being bogus. Is this actually necessary? If so, how do I find the correct one? Second, I'm Canadian and intend to use a Canadian tail number. KMSP Approach operator informed me my first tail number was invalid so I
  2. New member from western Canada (CYYJ home base). I've been flying enough lately to mistakenly think I was more than ready for a live ATC scenario, so I finally got Vatsim going today and did a lot of reading and setting up to figure out how to use it. Once I was ready I tried to find a place to do a short VFR flight at a trial run. The first couple places I tried there was no one responding so I went to KMSP and did a VFR takeoff, tour around the city with flight following and then full stop landing. I made some pretty stupid errors right after takeoff as the busy radio comms and obviously ver
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