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  1. Oh, for me I don't care. lol. I live in Miami, FL. (USA). But, I rather have the full ATC vs. worrying about where it is I fly. Part of the fun of the sim, is to explore new places etc. So, I am always open. I do love Austria, especially LOWI and that general area. But, again I am open to anything with full coverage.
  2. Thank you all so much for the reply's! This is great info to have. Yes, I can see now the difference between something like Pilots Edge and this. They are two different things aimed for different people. If I wanted 100% coverage (during the operating hours) and am okay with only flying in the western USA than I think for $20/mo PE is the best option for me. But, in the meantime I would like to give VATSIM a shot. I just know that the first time I go for a flight, and I dont have full coverage for ATC it will not be a good experience for me 😕 So, I just wanted to learn what the bes
  3. Greetings everyone! Years of flying with X-Plane 11 and now MSFS 2020 very excited to finally try a live service like VATSIM. I have used Pilot2ATC for a while and think I am ready for the next step. I have done some reading and seen some videos showcasing Vatsim flights, but wanted to ask something.. Please correct me if I am wrong.. but, it seems like the key to a nice, fully covered IFR flight would mean I would need to use VAT-spy (which I have) and to look at where the controllers are currently. I would want to make sure that my flight plan is 100% inside of a currently c
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