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  1. Hi to Mr Wong in particular, and thanks to you for your great work, really apreciated ! I was wondering if we could expect more aircraft designs based on the aircraft type, like what's made by FlightRadar24. As i love to fly with Buisness Aircrafts (C525, FA50, E135BJ), i'm always a little bit disapointed when i see that my flight is looking like 99% of all others, even if i make the effort to fly with something "other" than the common A320/B737 combo. Could we expect more diversity to come on the map ? 😄 Also, i know that the question was already asked, but could SimAware be l
  2. Congrats to all actual staff who fought hard to get this done ! This is a great moment in the French vACC history ! Amazing things to come i belive !
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