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  1. It says you have to have a "flight" loaded... that is a little misleading as you don't really "load" a flight into the flight sim. What it means is that you have started the flight and are at the gate. Just a small reminder... once you have connected, don't forget to take a peek outside the aircraft to make sure you haven't spawned on top of another aircraft already at the gate. If you have, just disconnect and move to another gate either by slew or relocate via the sim menu to start a new flight. Hope that helps 🙂
  2. I started getting these after about 2hrs on VATSIM. I did a complete graphics driver uninstall and re-install and that seems to have fixed it. Doing flight over 5hrs now with no issues
  3. Our first YouTube flight has been posted. It was a bit manic going in to Gatwick but it is a good example of how it can be on VATSIM when the airport and centre positions are fully staffed. I made loads of mistakes but nothing too serious and we got to Gatwick pretty well. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and having a go then don't be afraid... it is great fun and adds a whole new challenge to simulator flying - check it out... https://youtu.be/aP4IMsxIqaA Production will only improve - I haven't done this before so I am very much learning!
  4. Flying on VATSIM is such a fun and rewarding experience but it can be a little daunting at first particularly if you don't have any real-world flying experience. Even with experience there are a number of differences because we are flying in a virtual environment. As a result, flying on VATSIM at first can be stressful and often a little bewildering. The VATSIM Hangar is a community specifically for VATSIM Pilots but controllers and anyone interested in VATSIM flying would always be welcome 🙂 It doesn't have to be difficult, scary, bewildering or stressful (OK, it can be stressful but that
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