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  1. Thanks very much to both of you. I'll be waiting [in]patiently to the patch 🙂
  2. @Matthew Bartels - Thanks for the reply. This is how it looks: 126.550 is ATIS, so should always be heard in this setup (including in the upper part of the image), if I understand correctly (If I use the in-game AI ATC, this is what happens). If you suspect it's a bug, and there is additional information I can provide somehow, I'll be glad to assist 🙂 Thanks! Gal
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if it's a bug or a misconfiguration on my part. While the Communicating with Controllers documentation section stated that COM1 and COM2 should be able to work at the same time (listen only, of course), I am able to listen only to the COM channel I set to both listen and transmit (and of course, I can choose to transmit only on one of these). FS2020. Is there something I'm supposed to do, to configure this ability, and I might have missed? Didn't find anything on the website... Thanks!
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