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  1. Please excuse I naiveté , I am not a Wdo 10 expert, when you say "update your drivers" ,which drivers do you mean. WDOS is much more complex regarding drivers than the MAC's with which I am more familiar. I experience the error after upgrading the vPliot software to the current version. It has disabled vPilot in my setup. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated .
  2. Ross, Thank you for the guidance! Julian
  3. I am new to the neighborhood, what is AFV? Julian
  4. This a screen shot of what I get when I attempt to install the latest vPilot update. I can not get beyond this screen unless I uninstall vPilot. This what I call feezing.
  5. I cannot get rid of this screen with out uninstalling vPilot. I describe this as freezing, pardon nay uniformed use of system issues. The update does not complete installing and the options in the RED X box are not active. I hope rhis helps. Thank you in advance JUlian
  6. I am new to VatSim, and simmimg, I run MSFS 2020, so I may have missed some key step, but here is my issue. I was running vPilot 2.6.8, I replaced it with 2.6.9. Now I get errors trying to install the new version. First system error that says this down load will harm the computer, When I ignore the errror messages, the install starts, but does not complete, instead it freezes the vPilot sign in screen, will not accept Vatsim sign-in data. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several time with the same result. Where can I get the earlier version of vPilot
  7. The vPilot update which was re leased last week will not complete install. It crashes the install, with unidentified error. I unistalled the previous version, and at present can not connect. How can I get to the earlier version?
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