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  1. last couple of flights I've done things seemed to be working normally again, hope it continues.
  2. Same problem here, really frustrating, have been unable to find any solutions.
  3. Same problem with MSFS/vpilot. I can deal with the volume knobs in the planes not working, though it would be nice, but also the output volume on the client itself seems to have very little or no effect on incoming radio calls.
  4. When you start a flight, turn off live traffic/ai traffic and turn off all players/live players. The vatsim client SHOULD do everything for you from that point on. Whether it actually works seems to be luck of the draw.
  5. Just having planes show up at all would be nice. Half the time they don't.
  6. I honestly thought I'd never find myself flying on VATsim, but here I am now with maybe a dozen flights under my "belt" and starting to feel somewhat confident though still haven't completely mastered IFR readbacks. I am often surprised I get a "readback correct", when I shortly realize I left out on piece of info. All the controllers I've run into have been forgiving and helpful and I actually like occasional the terse/stern sounding voice, makes things feel more real. There is something about being one of a handful even of pilots at an airport with several active frequencies and getting thin
  7. Is this supposed to be fixed? Definitely still having the issue. Version 2.7
  8. What did that guy in the video say for the phonetic for S? Sounded like "Sheeaaa", but I don't think it was Sierra. Is it different in Europe?
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