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  1. Here is the URL of my flight plan: https://my.vatsim.net/pilots/flightplan?altitude=29000&fuel_time=0308&raw=(FPL-DAH10-IS -TBM9%2FL-SDFGRWY%2FS -EIDW1820 -LIFFY2E LIFFY Q36 ALAVA Z195 MALUD UL975 WAL M16 DOLAS L603 LAMSO -EHAM0134 EBBR -PBN%2FD2 DOF%2F201017 REG%2FN900SB EET%2FEGTT0008 EHAA0112 OPR%2FDAH PER%2FB RMK%2FTCAS SIMBRIEF)&speed=315 I checked VATSpy and did not see the flight plan. And I still cannot connect to VPilot.
  2. I registered with VATSIM last week, passed the test and loaded a flight plan into VATSIM after creating the plan in Simbrief. It all worked as expected (albeit, my ATC communication skills were quite challenged). But after that first go, I repeatedly have been unable to get vPilot to recognize the flight plans I have created in a similar fashion. I am able to log into vPilot, but when I try to connect, it keeps telling me that there is no flight plan found to be on file, even though on the VATSIM flight planning page, it says that my plan indeed has been filed (the little green message that
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