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  1. Hi Ross, thanks a lot! FSUIPC was the hint I needed. During my last update of the cockpit suite I missed to install the FSUIPC support as I normally do not need it for my hardware. But for communicating with vPilot and maybe other programms it is necessary. Now everything works as intended again. Thanks and best regards Mic
  2. Hi Ross, I was always able to toggle Mode C in vpilot directly from my skalarki transponder panel inside my home cockpit. Suddenly it is not possible anymore. My hardware is working fine as I am seeing the changes of the transponder status in a special MCDU menue. However the status is not transferred anymore to the vpilot client. I havent change in my setup only an update to P3D 4.5HF3 and an update of my A320 cockpit suite. Can you give me a hint where to look at, or maybe you have an idea why it is not possible anymore ? I also update today to the newest vpilot version but
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