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  1. Event Name: Friendship Fly-InEvent Date: 29 November 2020Departure: VIDP (Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India)Arrivals: OPIS (Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan) / OPLA (Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan)Time: 1200z OnwardsShort Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community in cooperation with the Pakistan vACC and India vACC presents - "Friendship Fly-In" We will be departing New Delhi to airport of choice either Islamabad or Lahore. Pilots can chose the arrival they wish to fly into. Long Descrpition: Join us for Friendship Fly-In on 29 Novemb
  2. Event Name: Kerala Piravi - 2020 Event Date: 1 November 2020Departure: OMDB (Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates )Arrival: VOTV (Trivandrum International Airport, Kerala, India)Departures Time: 1100z - 1230z Arrivals Time: 1500z - 1630zShort Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community in cooperation with the Emirates vACC Presents - "Kerala Piravi 2020" We will be flying to Kerala, India from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to celebrate the birthday of Kerala.Long Descrpition: Join us for Kerala Piravi on 1 November 2020, while we celebrate the birthday of the state of Kerala in Southern
  3. VOPB Short Brief: RWY 04/22 is unidirectional for fixed wing ACFT due close proximity of hill in APCH path of RWY22. Landing RWY04 to be used, RWY04 LOC/VOR DME - Approaches will be in use. For Take OFF RWY22 only to be used RWY04 Shall NOT BE USED for departure. Departure outbound airway for VOMM - P761 Airway Radial 279 PPB VOR. Initial Climb FL70. After Departure Maintain Runway Heading for all Traffic. ARRIVAL Speed: MAX IAS 250KT below 10000ft. MAX IAS 220KT or less below 10000ft within 15NM of PPB VOR/DME.
  4. Event Name: Discover India Departure: VOMM (Chennai International Airport, Chennai) Arrival: VOPB (Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair) Feel Free to Fly Back to VOMM if you like. Time: 1230z to 1630z Short Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community Presents - "Discover India" We would like to take you all on a discovery tour to the most beautiful airports in India that are not commonly flown virtually. Long Descrpition: Join us on the Discover India Tour this whole month of October, while we discover these beautiful airports of India. The coming weekend i.e.; October 25, 2020,
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