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  1. Thank You Mark, for all you've done for this Network. VATSIM is what it is today because of your colossal contribution and dedication. Hope to see you in the skies. Cheers!
  2. Event Name: Friendship Fly-InEvent Date: 29 November 2020Departure: VIDP (Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India)Arrivals: OPIS (Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad, Pakistan) / OPLA (Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan)Time: 1200z OnwardsShort Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community in cooperation with the Pakistan vACC and India vACC presents - "Friendship Fly-In" We will be departing New Delhi to airport of choice either Islamabad or Lahore. Pilots can chose the arrival they wish to fly into. Long Descrpition: Join us for Friendship Fly-In on 29 Novemb
  3. Event Name: Kerala Piravi - 2020 Event Date: 1 November 2020Departure: OMDB (Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates )Arrival: VOTV (Trivandrum International Airport, Kerala, India)Departures Time: 1100z - 1230z Arrivals Time: 1500z - 1630zShort Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community in cooperation with the Emirates vACC Presents - "Kerala Piravi 2020" We will be flying to Kerala, India from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to celebrate the birthday of Kerala.Long Descrpition: Join us for Kerala Piravi on 1 November 2020, while we celebrate the birthday of the state of Kerala in Southern
  4. VOPB Short Brief: RWY 04/22 is unidirectional for fixed wing ACFT due close proximity of hill in APCH path of RWY22. Landing RWY04 to be used, RWY04 LOC/VOR DME - Approaches will be in use. For Take OFF RWY22 only to be used RWY04 Shall NOT BE USED for departure. Departure outbound airway for VOMM - P761 Airway Radial 279 PPB VOR. Initial Climb FL70. After Departure Maintain Runway Heading for all Traffic. ARRIVAL Speed: MAX IAS 250KT below 10000ft. MAX IAS 220KT or less below 10000ft within 15NM of PPB VOR/DME.
  5. Event Name: Discover India Departure: VOMM (Chennai International Airport, Chennai) Arrival: VOPB (Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair) Feel Free to Fly Back to VOMM if you like. Time: 1230z to 1630z Short Descrpition: Falcon Aviation Community Presents - "Discover India" We would like to take you all on a discovery tour to the most beautiful airports in India that are not commonly flown virtually. Long Descrpition: Join us on the Discover India Tour this whole month of October, while we discover these beautiful airports of India. The coming weekend i.e.; October 25, 2020,
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