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  1. Yes! It worked and I passed succesfully the test. Thanks for the support. - GP
  2. So after more than 24 hours I'm still unable to take the test since it's not displayed. Is this a long term problem which will take some time? Would love to get started with vatsim.
  3. @Mats Edvin Aaro Thanks for your answer. Do you know if I can only change my email password once my profile is set up? And do you know how long the problem with the test will be there? I have waited more than one hour
  4. Hello there! I'm pretty new here and I just set my VATSIM profile and software up. However, I do have some big issues. First of all I took the New Member Orientation Course and waited 10 minutes. Then I clicked "take P0 exam" but there is no exam I could take on the "exam page". Second, I cannot change my passwort nor see my current passwort reminder. My whole profile is kind of restricted and I can't do anything to proceed with my first flight. Everytime I am getting a 500 error screen or other numbers. Any help would be highly appreciated, I hope the forum is the right place to solve th
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