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  1. Ok , very thanks! I will edit from up to bottom, small to big sector
  2. Hi, i'm creating my sector ese. for the example darkest is RJBB_APP(TMA) Area. TMA vertical limit is FL200, above that RJTG_CTR own's. There are border name RJTG_CTR, RJBB_TMA RJTG_CTR border is covering FIR, RJBB_TMA border is covering that TMA I made like this [POSITIONS] RJBB_APP:KANSAI APPROACH:120.250:BB:-:RJBB:APP:-:-:1301:1337 RJTG_CTR:TOKYO CONTROL:120.500:TG:-:RJTG:CTR:-:-:1001:1077 [AIRSPACE] SECTOR:RJTG_CTR:0:60000 OWNER:TG BORDER:RJTG_CTR SECTOR:RJBB_TMA:0:20000 OWNER:BB:TG BORDER:RJBB_TMA SEC
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